In celebration of the Summer Solstice, which brings us so much energy and light, I traveled to the Crystal River Archaeological State Park here in Florida and I filmed it for you all to enjoy! It’s home to many mounds constructed by the Native Americans here as part of their culture and religion. These grounds have so much energy here and they remind me so much of my travels to Mexico to see Chichen Itza, where I highly encourage people to visit to align their chakras! This is what I had to say when I visited the sacred site.

“Here at the main mound and what the sign says is that this is a view from the top the main mound like a mountain a much like an arena or a stadium in a big city, this mound served as a symbol of grandeur that would impress visitors to the site from the flat top of the mound. Public performances speakers or ceremonies would have been on display to those below while also providing those on the mound with a commanding view of the surrounding area. You will likely hear in the background boats going along the Crystal River. I don’t think you can make it out from here, but this reminds me so much of a mound that’s in another local park to me here in Florida as well as Chichen Itza in Mexico. The whole use of Chichen Itza’s plaza was used by different Mayans and then even the Mayan shaman, and how the sound and their sense of sacred geometry was set up so that when you stand directly in the receiving line from the priests at the top of Chichen Itza the sound carried. A lot of the Mayan native guides will stand at the base of Chichen Itza and clap their hands and you can hear the echo. So you can imagine that the priest could be heard by the people. Many of which were important in the different communities coming for the ceremonies at various times throughout the Mayan calendar to cheat so that the lesser important people couldn’t hear what the priest was saying.”

Because of the history, and all the ceremonies that happened here, I thought it was the perfect place to visit for this years Summer Solstice. When the sun shined upon the mound… amazing! The energy that hit me just made me feel so much balanced and my chakras feeling so much more aligned.

The Summer Solstice is here my friends, and I believe that if you’re feeling it’s energy, and you’ve found yourself here, it is no coincidence! I offer many services that help people achieve their full potential, including energy healing, aligning their chakras, boosting their own businesses, and so much more! If you want the chance to visit sites like this, I highly recommend you taking my Vibrational UPgrade Mastermind Certification program, where we go to international retreats! And if you liked my video, feel free to watch more of my YouTube channel!