ascension-2x3tirn835ib8wjc5mhog0This full moon is going to be one of the biggest, brightest and boldest we’ve seen for over 60 years – more than many of yours, and my, whole lifetime! – and won’t see again until 2 years after the bookmarked “end” date of Humanity’s Spiritual Awakening, that we are now in the midst of; 2012-2032. So imagine what our planet and humanity will be like on the other side of this massive evolutionary leap humanity is going through!


And imagine indeed, because what we focus on especially with the gravitational pull of such a psychic-inducing beast as a supermoon, will be that much more enhanced! This does not mean that if you have some negative thoughts randomly here and there you’re going to manifest them. Thankfully we have lag time built in here.


But what it does mean is that which we steer our mind to focus on – because that’s in great part of the Self-Mastery we’re being trained and induced to create during this Spiritual Awakening – is what we’ll be having the universe co-create with us.


This supermoon falls in the sign of Taurus, a slow and steady and practical sign. Interestingly, the Taurus’ symbol is the Bull, and the Bull is the symbolism for Illumination.


I know that in short this full moon is meant to help illuminate for us where we’re still stopping ourselves up, and thus what we still need to release. These energetics are really potent, in fact, for releasing that which has been stubbornly hanging on. I can relate. I am usually quite adept at being able to command energy by now as seen by its application on behalf of others and myself, so I can proactively create what I desire with ease. So much so that – and those who are in my inner circle can attest to this – I am frequently so quick and fast with my commanding of energy that I am much of the time attempting to keep up with myself & all the creations I’ve been able to command and manifest the possibilities and opportunities for!


And that’s what I want to offer you. Rather than the focus on what we’re wanting to release, focus on what we want to create – go bigger. Because focusing on what we don’t want signifies to the universe via the subconscious and therefore the frequency, or vibration, and then, due to the Universal Law of Magnetics, or the Law of Attraction, says – even with our saying we don’t want this thing/we want to release it – we are in fact focusing on this thing. And by this very directional focus of our attention and energy, the universe does not interpretation for us, it follows the flow and sees and then delivers via magnetics, ok this is what is wanted. The subconscious does not register “no” and thus it presence gets magnified in our lives. You can hear that in my clearings & activations, the way I phrase them.


So what I recommend instead is to take a bigger perspective, as always, right? 🙂 Look at the cover of my first book, What If There’s Nothing Wrong?

It’s of a woman on top of a mountain for just that reason – gaining that mountain top perspective, or the Highest Perspective, over our ego-mind personality based self, over our life, over our family, community and humanity. Rising above, zooming out, detaching is where we are more able to detach from the ego-mind’s demands of what it does and does not want. Kleisha is a sanskrit word from Buddhist teachings meaning mental and egoic attachments.


And from this bigger perspective, what is it that getting rid of, or releasing, this aspect of your life will cause you to feel? What then is that feeling you’re really wanting to feel? And sit and enhance that feeling, think of all the things you already have in your life or ever have had or if you never have had it and are really breaking new ground, think of a person who models this, whether really in your life or from a book or movie and invoke that feeling.


So if you have really obnoxious, self-absorbed neighbors who no matter how much you ask and indicate that their noise is negatively affecting your life and calling the police is not something yet you’re willing to choose & do, what is it that they’re disturbing? Your peace? Your sense of freedom and expansion? Ok so then focus on the feelings of freedom and expansion – the heart chakra is responsible for these by the way. And sit with this for a bit, focusing on folks you can think of who have this feeling already in their life or other areas of your life where you have this expansiveness and freedom. This way, perhaps then what you’ll attract are more opportunities for freedom and expansion including possibly – depending on your strength in your alignment vs. ego-mind’s dominance – new living circumstances that will create the feelings you desire or even these neighbors suddenly moving out!


Because NOW is the time! Taurus energy is about hitting “the bullseye” in order to awaken to our fullest potential and realize our goals, dreams and wishes.


And so even though full moons are typically highly charged and emotional, there is actually a grounding aspect to this full moon. In fact these energies will even help us approach things from a more practical and logical space, assisting us with actually plans getting put into place and materializing.


The emotions were high leading up to this full moon due to the planetary alignments (which was interestingly timed with the U.S.’s elections) but this full moon will actually ease that up,  and ground us more, calm us, and help us to see things with a newfound clarity.


So please do not listen to your mind which may very well be still in reactive mode due to what’s up in the collective. Unplug. Create some space for that. And re-create based on this focus, targeting that which you desire.


Taurus will also be causing us to look at other aspects of our foundation. Like our self-worth and feelings of security in the world, on both a practical and spiritual level. So…this full moon may also bring up issues around our spending. Especially those connected with our worth. Does that mean pulling back from spending because that’s what you’ve been doing to feel empowered, when you really don’t have that inner empowerment? Is it that you have a bad relationship with money? So this moon is a great time to mend your relationship within and the way money flows in your life.


Now applying that to a spiritual and emotional level – our self-worth and sense of security. I know that over the past 2 months of the Tuesday night Group Clearings & Activations calls, I’ve been quite surprised how much I’ve been focusing on this, and on the root chakra’s dramas and traumas, to help folks – especially that first call each month – feel more stable and secure, less neglected and insecure in their needs being met and even their very right to be here, take up space, and then feel what they feel and go for what they want.


The strength and courage and openness to intuit the guidance, to allow one’s self to even listen enough to receive it, and to then follow the guidance and inspirations is another whole level of what we’ve been working on. Then the belief that you are actually able to create and have and allow yourself to have all that you desire is even another tier higher (up on to the higher chakras) of what is required to really master this co-creation process.


You are NOT at the whims of the outside world. You are not meant to live in reactivity. You’ve found your way here to reading this very line. That means you’re already awakened to a certain point. And ready to detach from the collective that this reality is yet still holding on to, even while more and more waves of folks awakening has been happening since 2012.


If you have been feeling insecure in your body or in who you are, this full moon may expose these wounds in order for you to evolve further beyond them, and become an even more potent co-creator even more capable of creating what you desire so your life – all domains of it – show up the way you desire.


You’re likely to hear questions – and many of you I know have and continue to already ask these and that’s very much why you’re here –

1) Am I living up to my fullest potential?

2) What self-limiting beliefs are holding me back?


Your conscious mind, or your intellect can only take you so far, according to the nature of the tool it is. (HA! Pun intended! says this here person with a PhD. and meditation teacher of 24 years!) And so entering into meditation with those questions at the start can help bring forth your own inner guidance. If you tend to be more active, then actively write in a journal with those questions at top. You could free write, keeping your pen on the paper – yes old school; typing doesn’t get the same flow happening – writing down whatever random thoughts come, and eventually, as I’ve taught my students for 2 decades + now, you’ll receive at least one “gem.”


If you tend to be more physical go for a walk run or hike or bike ride outside, with those 2 questions, or whatever your version of these you have going on, in your mind at first and then just let go.


Alternatively, you can join the Tuesday night call, advertised at this special rate not ever except for you lovely, loyal folks here within our sacred & thriving community, for the quickest shifts in all and more of these areas mentioned: