SuperFood, SuperHerb, SuperNutrtionist, Cacao & Coconut Oil Superhero David Wolfe: We Are What We Eat

July 13, 2012
Hosted by Alison J. Kay, PhD Holistic Life Coach, Energy Healer, India Trained YA RYT-200 Yoga Teacher, Certified Personal Trainer

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Our food creates our health & well-being in today’s industrial food climate – or not. David Wolfe knows facts about how food interacts within our bodies unique unto himself. Anytime he speaks, he helps to clarify what has happened to the food in our country & how to compensate for this lack by consuming superfoods & superherbs used throughout various ancient cultures. Bringing clarity to such issues as how we’ve been in a “carb coma,” loving sugar & the leading food causes for the range of chronic issues our population most suffers from; arthritis to fibromyalgia, depression to cancer, David helps us to see how We Are indeed What We Eat. Offering solutions through introducing these “new” foods to the American diet, he helps us keep our “toxic load” at a manageable level so that illness does not set in.