“I’ve been working with Alison for over a year and a half attending group sessions & one-on-ones monthly. My life has shifted to more positive everything; work, love, money, relationships, physical health. I got a more desirable position at work. And I started loving my career again.

My dating life has improved dramatically. I’ve been the ‘one date wonder’ for way too many years (I’m embarrassed to say how long). Over time that went to two dates, then four dates, one month, then two months, you get my drift. I’m now currently in a relationship.

With money, I’ve never had enough. Every extra cent went to some sort of house or car or pet emergency. That’s changed to having enough without emergencies. Recently I was gifted a very large gift, and opportunities to make more money (which I jumped on!).

When I first started seeing Alison, I wasn’t able to lose weight. I’ve been dieting for years, and I’d gain, but never lose. I’ve since lost 35 lbs (and counting).

Also I was diagnosed with a nerve disorder in my brain about 11 years ago, and a few months ago I made the move to come off the debilitating medicine with success so far! Even my massage therapist sees a drastic difference, which she credits the energy work I do with Alison. It’s been an experience like no other.” – Lori P. Dunedin, FL