Just Listening Had A Healing Effect On Me

Experiencing Alison J. Kay’s energy healing work was like Jesus Christ had jumped inside of her body and said, to me, get up and walk!!! LISTENING TO ALISON TALK DURING THE FINANCIAL CONSCIOUSNESS GATHERING, I WAS HEALED!!! It was SURREAL and AMAZING!!! For reasons tied to seeing my sister be sexually abused, for years, during our childhood, and then my own self imposed limitations when I became religious, I was unable to find a comfort zone in the way I walked. When I was younger, I would try to get my rhythm together and walk sexy, but, it was a major effort, and my walk felt detached, and never felt like me. When I became religious, I tried to not walk sexy so that I wouldn’t be a sex object to anyone other than my husband LOL… It was a constant reminder that something in me wasn’t right, wasn’t free.  But, after listening to Alison talk about how her words carry a healing vibrational frequency, the root chakra, sexual trauma, and a person feeling safe in her body, this 20+ yr. issue was GONE!!! When I parked my car, that day, and got out of my car, suddenly, I noticed as I began to walk, that it appeared as if I had new hip joints, they seemed loose and free, my legs even extended back much further when I walked. I had a stride. It felt like I had a new body!!! It was like I had finally found the body where my spirit belonged, or finally set my spirit free to be in my body. For the 1st time since I became aware, I was walking comfortably, and have a walk that’s my own.