“My husband of 61 years and I are in the process of creating a joyful new life for ourselves. This could never have happened without the magical clearing sessions we’d had with Alison for the past 9 months. A sense of self-worth, joy, love, and creativity is emerging.

Our marriage has been hinged together by deep emotional disturbances I have experienced since marrying him and  blamed him in the process. He then would absorb my anger filling me with remorse. This hopeless cycle has continued through the birth of our four children, and on in to our 8th decade.

I have seen many therapists and each one has brought me closer to where I am today.- experiencing a deep sense of self realization. Through Alison’s deep, joyful and total commitment to her belief that something new and very exciting and wonderful is happening to/in our universe she has created the space in her life, in her relationships, in her healing room for this energy to be manifested.  Darkness, fear looms all around us yet she is able to bring forth the hidden true me by helping me to access my unconscious self and let go of the false numbing past messages. A sense of self worth, joy, love and creativity is emerging and the wonderful spin off from this is that my husband is also experiencing relief.

I have noticed a new awareness emerging in his demeanor. I saw this in his face  the first time Alison gave him a 20 minute special at a health fair where we met her. He seems more attentive to me, more willing to do his share of some of the menial household duties. Definitely he is not absorbing my rage, which erupts and is gone. He too is feeling more able to be himself. Neither of us realized the dark baggage he was holding on to these many, many years. As I said it  really is quite magical and only  can be understood by experiencing it. I love and admire Alison and as I read the testimonies written by her students years ago, I am ever more reminded of her so very special gifts of awakening  the very special, unique SELF in each of us – so desperately needed in our awakening universe.”

– Gwynn Kelley, Clearwater, FL