“After my first session with Dr. Kay I was hooked! Listening to her ThetaHealing for Success after signing up for her email newsletter was a new experience for me and after the 45 minute call my neck and shoulder pain had disappeared! I immediately signed up for more of this (Group ThetaHealing Tuesday pm Call w/mp3 recording)  because it works!
These next 4 weeks there were 4 different calls and I listened to them while going to sleep, for someone like me that not only has a hard time falling asleep but also wakes up in the middle of the night…..these calls work! I can sleep and stay asleep all night long and also have the healing calls help me while I am sleeping. Anyway THANK YOU!!!
I fall sleep to these every night and I sleep like a ROCK!!
I don’t need to take my ‘stress & anxiety night time’ pill anymore.

PS. I will be back!

Thank you Dr. Kay 🙂

Much Love”

Denise Dominguez