Dear Alison,
I am a USAF veteran that had a severe car accident 32 years ago. I was in a coma for 19 days and once I awoke I didn’t recognize my Mom or anyone else. My injuries that I am now able to handle and deal with because of Wendy, who introduced me to you and your wonderful energy work.
Thanks before I explain further some of the benefits I’ve experienced over the four years that I’ve been attending your Wednesday night Class at Wendyfit Yoga/Pilates Studio in Oldsmar, FL.
For nearly everyday since my car accident in 1986 I would have serious bad headaches which were debiletating, as well as serious Sinusitus which nearly killed me 3 times, but due to Good care at Bay Pines VA hospital I survived.
After I had been studying and practicing Yoga with Wendy O’lenic for 11 years I met you and began these weekly session with you and within a month to a month and a half after we started to work together, I began to tune into you monthly free clearing calls from which I learned ways to managed and eliminate my Sinus Headaches and other bad symptoms. That is my success over four years with Dr Alison J. Kay. God Bless you always, Danny Rosa (a Chakra Flow Yoga & Meditation student)