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For your listening pleasure and to be better prepared to take advantage of your time on your Open the Drawbridge call, feel free to listen to the 2 calls below.

Dr. Alison specially picked these gifts just for you!

Please know that whenever you play with Dr. Alison & Team Vibrational UPgrade™️ you are getting access to a POTENT energetic container of support.

It’s part of what’s meant by her biz & mission’s name, Vibrational UPgrade System. This utilizes the Universal Law of entrainment.

Dr. Alison naturally has around her & her work a unique energetic signature that helps you entrain to these higher vibrations where the field of unlimited possibilities becomes more accessible to you & your choices – so your life shines!
She has intentionally cultivated and expanded this container around her mission, that serves both the collective within our collective Shift of Humanity’s Awakening, and even more so, the folks who invest to individually work with her.
All of that is even without any direct contact with her. Yet it’s highly likely, you’ve begun to have your consciousness perceive this by being here & having booked an Open the Drawbridge call.

It’s subtle – but that’s what her expertise is in, subtle energy and consciousness for permanent behavioral change.

According to your own level of commitment, too (obviously!) The Vibrational UPgrade™️ container is like a powerful force field of Source & soul lead hope, joy, fulfillment and magic that helps facilitate the rapid shifts while holding you safely, as if you’ve arrived “home.”

Know that this holds a great underbelly of HIGH vibrational support and golden frequencies that have the capacity to TRANSFORM your entire world – as you can see from just of few of the thousands of folks who’ve successfully transformed their lives, within their outcomes, below.

And that’s why you’re here, right?

This energy is LIVE even on the recorded products.

Enjoy the wisdom and energetics of these audios below and we look forward to connecting with you on your Open the Drawbridge Call!

The Intentional Spirit

by Dr. Alison J Kay with Rev. Temple Hayes

Perfectly Imperfect

by Dr. Alison J Kay with Vyoma Nupur


STEP 3) After you have scheduled your call there are 2 important steps to take.

1. Add the call to your calendars with reminders.

2. Listen to the IMPORTANT calls sent via email. If you can’t listen at this moment make sure to listen within the next 24-hours as this is an important part of your scheduling process.

STEP 4) Please honor your commitment here and plan to show up on time, and in a quiet area at the time of your appointment.

During these 4 steps and the moment you fill out the application, Vibrational UPgrade™ is supporting you towards walking over the Drawbridge into soaring beyond what you have manifested thus far… Everything IS possible! See you on the other side!

In this free Open the Drawbridge call, we will:

  • Conduct an energy scan of your subtle energy system and consciousness to identify where your latent potential is still hiding
  • See w/clarity the current unconscious and subconscious blocks to you accessing more of it.
  • Review your targets and uncover your dreams.
  • If it’s a fit to then be served by Dr. Alison’s supportive energies, programs, and services, then we will take the next steps to set that up.

We can’t wait to chat with you and see how Dr. Alison’s Vibrational UPgrade™️ System’s programs & services can best support you to unleash and uncover the magical being you are – and flush yourself and your life with these high golden frequencies for magical manifestation, leaving you feeling awake, alive and ready to thrive!

Speak to you soon!

– Team Vibrational UPgrade™

Here’s What Our Clients Have Been Able To Achieve

Everyone on this page is an extraordinary individual who was coachable, willing to receive and took action on behalf of their own transformation.

Magic, Manifestation, and Money Flow

“Since I’ve been working with Alison, I’ve been able to make the business I work for turn a profit of $10,000 for the first time in 14 years!”

Debra, Massachusetts

Mental Clarity & Positive Thinking, Leading Into the Magic, Manifestation and Money Flow

“I don’t have access to the negative thinking anymore. It’s like I’ve been reprogrammed.”

Anne D., Florida

Magic, Manifestation, and Money Flow

“Geez, I love you Alison! Your work was what I’ve needed for so many years and many $’s ago. Thank you”

E., California

Magic, Manifestation and Money Flow

“I now see the possibilities for me to be prosperous from working in my dream job!”

“I attended Alison’s Thetahealing workshop for healing blocks with prosperity, joy and abundance. My whole attitude and perspective of life has transformed since this healing. Within a month I started working at my dream job as a chelation IV therapy nurse. I now see the economy, too, and my life as prosperous and abundant.”

Jennifer R., California

Increased Lightness of Being and FUN! that is the Magic, then the Manifestation, then the Money Flows

“…I have been working with Alison for several months and have experienced such profound changes. I had chronic hip pain for over 16 years that could not be relieved even with a regular yoga practice and medical treatment. After two months of working with Alison, my hip pain vanished. My business is taking off faster now than I was prepared for, and my marriage is much more fun and rewarding. But that’s not the best part… I feel lighter than air and I am having more fun than I could ever have imagined.”

Wendy S. Samuels, Texas

Magic, Manifestation, and Money Flow

“I walked in that door to her Abundance & Alignment With Your Purpose Workshop and didn’t think I could do what it is I really want to. Now I do. I feel like I can do that and anything I choose. Wow, that stuff is cool!”

T., Florida

Magic, Manifestation, and Money Flow

“I feel like the doorway has finally opened for the strong, focused warrior within to emerge.”

“Dr. Alison Kay creates a unique and safe healing “container” for her to then channel some of the purest energy that I have ever felt from an energy medicine practitioner.

Within one week, I felt dramatic shifts and after two sessions, my life has gone from stagnant and stuck to stimulated, shimmering, moving and balanced. I feel like the doorway has finally opened for the strong, focused warrior within to emerge. Thank you Alison!”

Katherine R, Florida

Magic, Manifestation and Money Flow

“I didn’t even know I was holding my own self back from moving forward. And since then – I’ve moved forward manifesting what I’ve been desiring for so long!”

“I attended Alison’s workshop for manifesting and abundance. I was surprised to learn about some of my personal issues which I was unaware I had that had been apparently preventing me from moving forward in my life.

Alison found them with her experience, comprehensive knowledge and talent with what she does. So it was greatly beneficial to me finally manifesting goals that resulted in an action plan for my new business.”

R.W., Florida

Magic, Manifestation and Money Flow

“Receiving Awards, Good Nights’ Sleep, and Finally Moving Forward on Stalled Projects!”

“Dear Alison, Just a quick note to tell you what happened after your abundance theta-healing phone call. Not being familiar with your work, I had no expectations. After the call, I felt pleasantly relaxed and went to bed and had a great night’s sleep (somewhat unusual). The next morning, I woke up and a nagging back pain I had for about six weeks was gone! When I went to work, I was given a best employee of the week award – which in seven years has never happened. Also, in the next days, I felt very optimistic and energetic and was able to move forward on a lot of stalled projects. WOW! If you can do all that in one anonymous phone call, what can you do in person?! So, I booked an appointment.”

John P., Florida

Finally! I’ve gotten Free! on into the Magic, Manifestation and Money Flows now!

“I used to feel trapped and unable to freely socialize because I could feel all the negative energy, but I no longer take that on as my own. I am so much freer & lighter!”

“As nothing else before, Alison’s Vibrational UPgrade™ method reached down to the very core. She was able to stir up lots of blocked energy, remove invading energies, channel divine energy and important messages into my body and mind. All this finally helped me after only three sessions to release what had kept me from shifting forward. Since enjoying her therapy my condition rapidly improved and my life started to turn in the right direction.

Things are starting to fall into place and instead of constantly trying to recover I can use my energy to grow. All in all I can say, Thank You so much Alison, your treatments changed my life!”

S.B., Germany

Magic, Manifestation, and Money Flow

“I am happy and whole”

“My dear friend recommended Alison to me so that I could start the healing process and find my inner strength. After a few sessions, my clarity began to improve. I started to trust my instincts again. After a few more sessions, I started to understand why my life had come to this point and that, from this moment on, my life would be completely different. I realized that I was in the driver’s seat. My life could be whatever I designed, without limits. I had to ask the questions, so that answers would come. It has now been over a year since my divorce was final. I am in love with the most wonderful man who is good to me, my children and himself. My children are strong, independent, smart (too smart sometimes:) and healthy. We have grown so close during this process. We laugh every day. I had the strength to close my business I worked so hard to establish because I realized the energy surrounding it was not healthy for me. I have now started a new business and I am thriving. My life is now grounded in generosity and giving to others. I am living in the question. With some hard work and Alison’s expertise and guidance , I am happy and whole. Thank you, Alison. I couldn’t have done it without you.”

Julie L., Florida

Magic, Manifestation and Money Flow – Actual Changes and Expectations Exceeded

“…most amazing energy-intensive I have ever experienced.”

“Hi Alison,  I just wanted to thank you for the most amazing energy intensive I have ever experienced. Your skills are beyond any I have ever known. I’ve met a lot of people who claim to have great abilities but the treatment ends up being just okay. Yours was way beyond what I expected… and that was a wonderful surprise!  Can’t wait for my next session!”

This P.S. from Bonnie was added in two days after her second session:

“Hi Alison, Just wanted to let you know that since our session two days ago, two people have contacted me to do work for them! I had been creating an ad, but I haven’t even been able to put it up yet because so much else has been happening!  It’s hilarious. I soooooooooo know how the universe works, and it’s so easy to forget! Thanks so much for the clearing work!”

Julie L., Florida