Yay! Congratulations you have made it to step 3.
Where you get to receive some yummy gifts.

What's next?

STEP 3) Scroll down below and download or listen in to BOTH of the special curated calls to further you through this process. These are free gifts from Dr. Alison's radio show and an interview that gives you an amazing energetic transmission and supports you specifically in the steps you are taking here for this call. Think of it as an orientation to the Vibrational UPgrade container. If you can't listen in this moment make sure to listen at some time BEFORE your Over The Drawbridge Call, as this is a REQUIREMENT.

STEP 4) At the time of your appointment, attend your call and connect with your Vibrational UPgrade Team member.  When you schedule your call on our Third Party Software, our team conference line will be provided to you. During your call time/date, all you have to do is call into that line.

During these 4 steps and the moment you fill out the application, Vibrational UPgrade™ is supporting you. Dr. Alison's potent container is supporting your every action so you can take the necessary steps to walk down the pathway that leads to your new life. Everything is possible - but your job is to fully show up and ignore the parts of you that are scared to leap into your desires. If the ego mind and voice of the old patterns that so eagerly can keep you stuck are gnawing at you simply send us an email here.

You’ll receive a confirmation email as well as a few reminder emails to the email you scheduled your call with from our third party software Calendly - Please check your spam and put these emails on your whitelist, so you get all of them 🙂

In this free Open the Drawbridge call, we will:

Review your targets and uncover your dreams. If it's a fit to then be served by Dr. Alison's supportive energies, programs, and services, then we will take the next steps to set that up.

We can't wait to chat with you and see how Dr. Alison's Vibrational UPgrade™️ System's programs & services can best support you to unleash and uncover the magical being you are - and flush yourself and your life with these high golden frequencies for magical manifestation, leaving you feeling awake, alive and ready to thrive?!

Speak to you soon!

-Team Vibrational UPgrade

If you can’t make your appointment for ANY reason, please be courteous and let us know.

Because YOU Are Amazing Here Are Some FREE Gifts To Get YOU Started 🙂 

Dr. Alison specially picked these gifts just for you! Please know that whenever you play with Dr. Alison & Team Vibrational UPgrade™️ you are getting access to a POTENT energetic container of support. Dr. Alison naturally has around her & her work a unique energetic signature from which the Vibrational UPgrade™️ container was born. She has intentionally cultivated and expanded this container around her mission, that serves both the collective within our collective Shift of Humanity's Awakening, as well as the folks who invest to individually work with her. According to your own level of commitment The Vibrational UPgrade™️ container, like a powerful force field of magic, helps facilitate the rapid shifts while holding your safety as if you've arrived "home."

So whenever she is raising your vibrations through the Vibrational UPgrade™️ modality, whether that be supporting you with a unique, personalized healing experience, leading you on a sacred tours retreat, walking you through a guided meditation, or you're listening to one of her recorded products, or speaking her many years of wisdom, know that it all holds a great underbelly of HIGH vibrational support and golden frequencies to TRANSFORM your entire world. This energy is LIVE even on the recorded products. So guess what - you CAN have it all. As Nature Intended - as in the Taoist principle, "Follow Nature's Way."

Enjoy the wisdom and energetics of these free gifts below and we look forward to connect with you on the Over the Drawbridge Call!

"The Intentional Spirit"

with Rev. Temple Hayes

"Perfectly Imperfect"

hosted by Vyoma Nupur

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