Timely Transmutation Series

Each month Dr. Alison invites a special guest who will share ​an aspect that will help you gain new insight, knowledge, tips and tools along with Dr. Alison's Activations that will assist you in your daily work. 


Transmuting Female Entrepreneurs’ Self-Limiting & Biz-Limiting Blocks


Recorded Wed. February 13, 2019

A 90-minute Zoom Video Event with Dr. Alison J Kay 

Transmuting Female Entrepreneurs’ Self-Limiting & Biz-Limiting Blocks

These ongoing monthly activation events have been seeded with my Guidance around the nurturance that can be given to you all, from me partnering with another whose voice my Guidance says "YES" to having me get out to my tribe, and who I know will bring up key current event topics that I can then run clearings around. 

Dr. Alison & Dena at a beach front restaurant after visiting Goddess Ixchel's Mayan ruins in Cozumel, Mexico the long weekend Dr. Alison spent teaching yoga & giving Vibrational UPgrades on the Ageless Beauty & Yoga Wellness cruise.

This month's guest speaker is Dena LebowitzDena has been self employed since 1995, working with small businesses, individuals and nonprofits.  She has attained some of the highest credentials in her industry. She has a Masters degree in Taxation and is a Fellow of the National Association of Enrolled Agents’ National Tax Practice Institute.  Dena has made an art of explaining complex regulations in plain Englishand knows how to use the laws to your benefit. She has helped thousands of clients pay the lowest amount of tax, legally. In addition to her practice, Dena spends time drumming, singing, playing the ukulele and creating art.

In this special zoom as a part of our timely transmutation series, I will be running clearings around what my female accountant brings up as the most typical blocks she sees female entrepreneurs sabotage their success and income with.

Dena, who has been in the business and accounting field for 30+ years, specializing her passion and purpose on female entrepreneurs for 20+ years, brings to the table not only this Knowing from her experience and wisdom, but also a deep steeping in the metaphysical teachings that helps her treat accounting from a more robust, energetic perspective.

This zoom is birthed out of listening to Dena say to me on one monthly regular call we have:

“Congratulations Alison! This is the area where I see women really kill their success of their business the most - either undercharging or ________. And you’re doing neither!”

We’ll fill in the second blank during this lovely event created just for you, as my reaction to Dena saying this to me, and my Knowing how helpful it’d be for SO many of you!

As well, I’ll run clearings & activations around these blocks, and the family of entangled unconscious story lines, conditioning, conclusions, beliefs and subconscious trauma that causes these typical blocks where female entrepreneurs limit their business’ growth.

I’ll also do some karma clearing around the feminine and money, to help shake loose more of the old paradigm as it crumbles, while also doing some potent activations for you so you’re more willing to choose success, and show up and be all of you, while Allowing your Self and your business to become all it’s actually wanting to and that you’re here to.

We’re in an entirely new time. Incredibly fertile as well as the feminine re-balancing with the masculine, as well as the lack paradigm collapsing into the Abundance for all paradigm.

You’ll receive a Vibrational UPgrade™️ around all of this.

Here’s a hint of what else we’ll be getting to:

  • Combating the “imposter syndrome”: You know more than they do
  • Realizing your worth: facing your money demons
  • Have a professional network, formal or informal
  • Hang in there: stick with it
  • Bonus: why everyone needs a business with the new tax law.

You’ll leave this recorded zoom shifted into a new level of confidence, to start with.

You’ll be more equipped within your consciousness to Allow Yourself to Go For More, and even Allow Yourself to Have it All. And your money flows but of course, will receive a sweet Vibrational UPgrade™ quantum red bull, lol.  

When I leaned in to which month is best for Dena and I to cultivate these energies and then get them out to you all, I was Guided to this month. Both the new moon and the start of the Chinese Year of the Pig, coupled with the planets all being in direct Alignment, really creates a vibrational backdrop within which whatever we plant will grow fruitful.

Yes? Are you in?


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Transmuting Female Entrepreneurs’ Self-Limiting & Biz-Limiting Blocks

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About Dr. Alison

Dr. Alison J. Kay is an Award-Winning Energy Healer, #1 International Bestselling Author, and the Founder of the Vibrational UPgrade System. Her more than 20 years of experience includes yoga, meditation, chi gong, energy medicine, mind body fitness, longevity and holistic health – with a specialized focus on the chakra system. She is considered one of the leading experts on using the chakra system as the road map for thriving in mind body and spirit.

Dr. Alison is known for facilitating outrageously rewarding energy medicine sessions for clients worldwide – which has earned her the nickname “lightning bolt,” due to the voltage behind her vibrations that she then uses on behalf of her clients. She has a particularly unique ability to have people feel safe almost instantly – and with this trust, the process of opening up to one’s highest potential can begin.