Ultimate Spiritual Growth Giveaway

I was so honored to be asked to participate in the Ultimate Spiritual Growth Giveaway so that I could gift to you my contribution to your having a Vibrational UPgrade™ and assist you with having more ease in choosing MORE for your life.

sensitivity is your powerThe main gift I want you to have is a part of my self-mastery product called “Your Sensitivity Is Your Power”.  In this 40-minute audio, you are given a very deep experience of being walked through and guided along the path to enlightenment with an awakened consciousness opening you up to your increasing power as a “sensitive” or “empath”. By using the term “Sensitives” it is meant to lovingly reference your own innate abilities to intuitively SENSE and perceive vibrations, frequencies and energies of those around you and NOT meant in the common derogatory way of “you cry too easily.”

What this audio offers is advanced instruction and comprehensive, intuitive guidance that engages your conscious/cognitive mind providing the foundational  piece that will help to empower you out of the hindrance of absorbing too much of others’ energy, and instead become strengthened and activated to finally step out in a joyous expression of your power. You’re then set up to step into the active, gentle force as the co-creator of your life and living.

When you sign up for my audio gift today you will be receiving SO much more than just an deep introduction to my teachings. After you confirm your email address, you will receive a Welcome Email that will also contain a link to listen to a recording of last month’s Free Monthly Vibrational UPgrade™ call PLUS you’ll be on the notification list to join the call live each month and have a chance to get laser 1 on 1 coaching with me.  Also, on that page will be a Bonus 25-minute MP3 “ThetaHealing for Clearing Your Subconscious Blocks to Success!”

It’s all a part of giving you an energetic Vibrational UPgrade™ so you can be AWAKE, ALIVE & READY TO THRIVE!

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