Awakened Mother Series promotion image

During this time, things like self- awareness, self-love and self-acceptance are really important, and helps unlock your spiritual awakening. You have so much potential just waiting inside you!

So when one of my dear friends and colleagues, Isabelle Bridges, asked me to be in her Awakened Mother Series, I was an immediate yes!

I get a TON of requests to be interviewed and am highly selective… it’s got to be unique. And what Isabelle has, is truly unique! What I LOVE about this one is it’s focused on supporting moms in loving THEMSELVES and in waking up to how much they matter. Sooo powerful! There is so much power in mothers that they DESERVE to awaken inside themselves.

So… here it is! Your free pass to participate in “The Awakened Mother.

Here’s how The Awakened Mother Series works:

  • You sign up for FREE at the link below and you’ll receive a welcome video from Isabelle.
  • You’ll receive recordings as they become available.
  • Join the Facebook group for the mother’s empowerment circle here to catch the buzz.
  • Immediately, you’ll start to notice how much more aligned and empowered you feel with these new, tangible tools at your fingertips. And, you’ll feel the support of the mother’s empowerment sisterhood to hold you high.

Isabelle and I hope to see you soon! Even if you aren’t a mother, please feel free to send out this FREE invitation to any mother you know who deserves to live life to their fullest (which is EVERY mother). OR you can also work with me in my Activate Your Magic program, where I can help you unlock the magic and power inside you. Signing up for that is also FREE!

You are so worthy of your own love and devotion. I’m excited to be your guide on this journey.