"Its all choice! This new era is all about recognizing and stepping into our power to chose. With that we are co-creating our lives. Loads of unawakened 'back of the house consequences' can be cleared so that your choices actually co-create the life that makes your heart ring"

That image is an oldie but goodie & still so relevant now, as we move into the construction phase of this new golden era. If you’re not already living with that daily freedom, why not? Why not let your heart sing at that daily level? What’s stopping you from choosing to? What is stopping your spiritual awakening?

It IS your choice, albeit likely unconscious, if you feel you have little to no choice.It’s all choice, in this new era focused on construction, centered on bringing forth our co-creative power.

So that’s the gig now.

To recognize your power in your choices, and if you find yourself not making choices that create the life that you desire… well, we’re not “allowed to” complain anymore about that, in this new era. If you do, your stuckness will be requiring a crisis for you to then be forced to make different choices, right? That’s in part why things have been so chaotic the past few years – not just COVID. So I’m talking more about the choices that you don’t hear your thoughts guiding you towards making.

As I frequently say in my last two books and on all these podcast interviews of which you’re receiving only a 1/4 of, at least 85% of all our daily choices are made at the unconscious or subconscious level. That means all that unexplored, unreleased consciousness is stopping you from living up to more of your potential, right? You’ve heard me say that by now? But it’s also where, if you were to pro-actively step up on behalf of yourself and your life plus clear much of that buried “back of the house consciousness” then you’d have more of it at your disposal. And then you’d become more Present, with the capacity to be making choices that actually are aligned with making your heart sing.

This seems why – I hardly ever use the words “always, all, never” and guide my VUP Practitioners in training not to, as well (it’s in their manuals, in fact!) – always, what gets released and the results from working with me surprise them with how much more beyond why they came in to work with me, becomes available and has improved for them.

Read what some of them have to say:

After you did clearings and activations around receiving surprise money, I received the 4th surprise check for the week. I am now up to about $8,000 dollars of unexpected money for the week. Anyone considering working with Alison, stop thinking about it and do it. Thank you Alison, can’t wait to see what else is in store for me.

Marilyn Barnes

VUP Mastermind Member

One of the bonuses I didn’t expect from this was to uncover some unconscious blocks that happily revealed themselves midway through. Surprise!!! They needed to be uncovered and cleared which they did thanks to Dr. Alison’s skillful abilities. I also have a razor sharp intuition now which was pretty good before but, not like it is since completing the program. The tools and techniques she has taught me will last me forever. Not to mention, I’m also much better at manifesting things in my life than I ever was before signing up. I remember the conversation we had after I joined and she said something like ” how excited” she was for my new life to unfold for me. Those weren’t just words or a sales gimmick, she meant them and boy – was she right. You are in very capable hands with her and if you follow the program, you WILL be rewarded.

Margot Saito

Former VUP Mastermind Member

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