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This is going to be an amazing event!

And my team and I are over the moon that you had the knowing to join in and get access to these SUPREME money clearings, Vibrational UPgrades and Clearings & Transmissions to support you in UPgrading your money relationship!

There is something to be said about momentum AND if you are feeling it you should go for more NOW!

So here is access to my team so we can Open The Drawbridge to a WHOLE new you and massive new expansion that is waiting  for you on the other side of the bridge.

The Open the Drawbridge Call is THE next step to getting really clear about your next level and what it’s going to take to clear the pathway to that castle in the sky. You know, the one that you’ve been dreaming about… the one that is calling to you especially as you muse on what your ready to step into for 2020.

It’s the same call that kicked off:

… first $5,000 then now to $16,000 per month revenue for Melinda,

… sustainable weight loss for Terri after 5 years of trying to keep the weight off,

… razor sharp intuition for Margot,

… clients showing up as if by magic from MJ,

… a new dream home for Claire

And so much more!

So here is a personal invitation from my heart to yours, to claim your own wins and success story & join my team on this special FREE Breakthrough call:

The Open The Drawbridge Call

Here’s how it works:

On this call we will help you:

  • Get 100% clarity on what you’re manifesting & creating for yourself in 2020.

  • Discover what is not working and is ready to shift to propel you into the high-vibrations that set you up for a WHOLE new way to manifest, create and command with ease

  • And then, IF it seems like a fit, we may invite you to work with me and our team personally (meaning my Lightning Bolt energetics & personalized facilitation to sky rocket everything you are creating in your life)

Note: The Open The Drawbridge Call is the ONLY way to discover how to work with me 1-1 or in my signature program Magic, Manifestation & Money Flow.

Keep in mind, those who take action in my world, take action FAST as they are fully in their YES to solidifying support for the future, so even though we have opened up extra spots for this event they are going fast, so make sure to lock in your golden spot right away!

Ready? Book your call right here.

With all my love… and reminding you… it’s your time to receive BIG.

Many blessings,

Dr. Alison & Team Vibrational UPgrade

PS: want to know more about what it means to work with me directly? Go here and find out more.