Q: What is it that I will gain from working with Alison J. Kayʼs energy medicine sessions and intuitive holistic life coaching?

I show people who want genuine release from whatever chronic physical, emotional or mental issue how to stop living their everydays from this habituated position of struggling with this illness or that issue, without toxic medications, debilitating side effects, expensive and/or complicated methods, or a lot of talking, digging into the past and “processing.” Instead I work with a high-voltage, strong, clear and pristine energy medicine bundle, along with coaching tools that are grounded in the best of ancient wisdom and cutting edge science.

Zhi Gang Sha, author of Soul Mind Body Medicine: A Complete Soul Healing System for Optimum Health

True self-empowerment and freedom from the old weight of the outdated issue(s) weighing you down is the result. Youʼll feel lighter, calmer, more energetic, stronger, happier and healthier. Feeling this way, you are then ready to create the next stage of your life without these limitations holding you back anymore. This is what my clients repeatedly report as their results. Consistently. It is such a beautiful, blessed process! To see more testimonials about Alisonʼs work through her clientsʼ comments, click here

Q: How does energy medicine work on physical problems or emotional issues?

Specifically, I help people break up the stuck energy that has become trapped from old patterns of thinking, believing, perceiving and feeling. Correspondingly, the energy then has also become coagulated in some patterned areas of the body (i.e. stored anger that has been repressed results in tight(er) hamstrings, as well as impacts the liver indirectly.) The results are that the associated region of the body to the energetic pattern (emotional habit/issue) becomes debilitated and more vulnerable to injury, chronic pain or eventually, dis-ease. Acupuncture works based on this same principle of stuck energy – or chi – needing to be able to flow in order to restore balance and harmony to the overall system. We can block our healthy flow of this vital life force energy by not being “clean” with our emotional, mental, physical or even spiritual lifestyle choices. Polluted air, water and processed food also cause stagnation.

One of the best pieces of advice I've ever been given

In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, smiling at fear is releasing old habits

Using the energy medicine that I cultivate and upgrade every day, I go in and break up this density of stuck energy, whether it be within a physical symptom such as pain, illness or disease, or emotional or mental challenges. Think of a broom sweeping your system clean the issue(s), and then in the pristine system an upgrade is able to occur, with fresh new vital life force energy shining bright and clean that is programmed at the core to be the healthy version – or the opposite – of the original issue. Keep reading to get to a few clientsʼ testimonials just below.

To learn more about how our fundamental state is a state of pristine, basic goodness, so that we have the ability to restore what has become muddied or messy back to its original source of cleanness and freshness with tools such as energy medicine and meditaiton, here is an excerpt from one of my main meditation teachers, Chogyam Trungpa (Pema Chodronʼs meditation teacher) – the core of my approach to life, mediation and healing – click here: “The Dawn of the Great Eastern Sun” – from Chogyam Trungpaʼs Shambhala: The Sacred Path of the Warrior

Q: How is Alisonʼs energy medicine different from other practitionersʼ?

I reinvest much of my funds – as I have for 20 years now – into “continuing education” to keep abreast of the most recent and most effective advancements in energy medicine and other cutting edge healing tools. Included in this “continuing education” is choosing to live in Asia for the past 9 years, as well as recently completing my PhD as a holistic life coach. For more information, please see my my bio. First and foremost, I test these by using them on myself to keep my field, body and mind clear, high, strong, clean and pure for my own health, well-being, longevity and growth. This comes across pretty quickly upon meeting me. But it is also so that I can then turn around and be a more powerful channel of this clean source of vital life force, or vital essence, or spiritual or healing energy that is at the root of all existence, for others. Ultimately this benefits first myself, then my loved ones, and then my clients, which frequently end up being one and the same – it is a precious relationship that gets cultivated, held in a magical, blessed pyramid between myself and my clients every time – no fail! It has to be experienced to be understood – itʼs just like that…experiential not theoretical.

“After years of trying to free myself from physical and mental imbalances I crossed Alison´s path. As nothing else before, her method reached down to the very core. Using her special blend of the energy medicines of the Tibetan Adamantine Healing System with Reiki, crystal therapy, aromatherapy, sound frequency healing music and the incorporation of high masters into the healing session she was able to stir up lots of blocked energy, remove invading energies, channel divine energy and important messages into my body and mind. All this finally helped me after only three sessions to release what had kept me from shifting forward. Since enjoying her therapy my condition rapidly improved and my life started to turn in the right direction. Things are starting to fall into place and instead of constantly trying to recover I can use my energy to grow. All in all I can say, Thank You so much Alison, your treatments changed my life!” – S.B., India Certified Yoga Teacher, Germany (bipoloar; spirituality growth)

Thus, with my cultivating my energy field for a few hours collectively each day, and working on being a clean source for my clients, the energy that I deliver to my clients is that much more powerful. One client recently expressed, “Your treatment is so different from this other energy medicine treatment series I was getting. The heat coming off of your hands is so strong. Itʼs like being plugged into a huge battery! I donʼt know whatʼs happening, but something clearly is.” H.K – CEO and VP of Marketing/Information Management, Tarpon Springs, Florida, USA (chronic back pain) So, my friend/amiga(o)/pung-yo 朋友/Freund/vän/दो#त/, due to its strength and purity, this gentle yet blasting energy truly transforms peoplesʼ systems at the deep, cellular level. Thus, a personʼs system transforms at this most fundamental level, which then trickles on up through the mental, emotional and then ultimately, physical level. This is the nature of healing holistically; the physical certainly plays a role, but it is considered the last consequence in a chain of events of cause and effect that begin at the energetic patterning level, on up to spirit, then mental, then emotional, lastly physical. I also support people in ensuring this energy medicine has penetrating and lasting effects that deepen the success of the transformation process by addressing your typical daily life. I provide support for you with techniques and tools for you to use in your daily life that will help ensure your shift. This brings in the Mind Body Medicine tools that are part of my complete package (such as subconscious reprogramming through the Emotional Freedom Technique – or tapping -, specific yoga postures and/or sequences designed for your issue(s), nutritional and dietary suggestions that will help support your changing physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually or any number of other tools that are a part of my package of services) that pull from the best of the ancient wisdom spiritual traditions and cutting edge science. These tools are used variably, depending on oneʼs individual needs, likes/dislikes and time constraints – as well as, realistically, oneʼs level of openness, and level of advancement within this holistic world. So the tools used and the program designed for you is one that is most appropriate and individualized – comfortably – for you, your needs and lifestyle.

I deliver these tools, and help you remain accountable to yourself and your desire for wellbeing, through a delicate balance between a strong, inspirational sense of selfdiscipline and a gentle, compassionate reassuring holding of the appropriate space for you within which to release, transform and expand. Because we are in a time of major transformation predicted by many different ancient cultures, it is easier than ever to transform negative beliefs and energy patterns.