I have seen SO many of the peeps working with me in my Magic, Manifestation and Money Flow signature program & Mastermind – and even my 1st tier program, Activate Your Magic…

…having MASSIVE breakthroughs recently!


Congrats to all of you!

Now that’s not at all uncommon here –

– but just SO many are experiencing such RADICAL breaking free, I wanted to share this exhilaration with you.

What new choices might you be making,

what new life paths might you be paving for yourself to enjoy even greater flourishing,

if you were to break FREE of that one chunk of blockages (family of entangled beliefs) of illusionary thinking?

What is that block?

If you don’t know – well that’s where my “Hawk Eyes” intuition steps in to Serve you.

If you DO know – well that’s where my “lightning bolt” deep, both innate & cultivated, clearing & healing powers step in on your behalf.

In fact, the dragonfly is THE animal totem for my first energy medicine teacher of the 5 modalities I eventually got trained in: my Reiki Master’s.

And after returning from my decade in Asia where I was going deeper into my studies & thus understanding of the science behind subtle energy & consciousness…

…I created the Vibrational UPgrade System.

It’s a combination of my 2 backgrounds: energy medicine & meditation/yoga.

So a dragonfly also reflects light.

And it asks us to reflect our own inner light.

And it encourages us to be adaptable, creative and inspired…

… even if it means changing the way we act or think so we can achieve our full potential.

That is the core of my mission – coming out of the struggle paradigm and stepping into more of THE Flow so we’re each living up to more, if not all, of our potential.

Especially during these times, as the backdrop we’re living within has shifted to such a less physically solid & predictable (Newtonian physics)…

…to one of a more quantum leaps, vibrational one.

My mission continues:

…so that as a result, there is more light within each human…

…thus making lighter choices…

…that lead to, well a lighter, non-illusion based world, via the mechanics of subtle energy & our Universe now (i.e., holographics & interconnectivity.)

This was what I was shown back in ’97 when i asked how best to go about change.

As I sensed the log jam using my first career as a political organizer/consultant for environmental conservation and a Masters in Public Policy, w/Environmental Policy as the focus…

…and began to rely instead on my bachelors in English Lit and run energy medicine w/holistic health & wellness sessions alongside my classroom teaching & admin career.

That if change is to happen, it’s one consciousness at a time.

And viola!

Here we are 🙂

These times we’re living in are both intense yet extremely auspicious.

And they’re that way for a reason!

These illusions are what I spend my days clearing on behalf of others – and myself – so that we’re each making choices that lead to our greatest flourishing, in all ways.

Whether that be conditioning from the trance of the 3D, imprints from parents & lineage, trauma & their ensuing protective thoughts & conclusions, karma, old contracts/oaths/vows and/or any & all beliefs, judgements, storylines, expectations & projections @ all levels of consciousness.

This is all contained within the Vibrational UPgrade clearings that I do day in & day out on behalf of those called to GET FREE & GET CREATIVE.

That means learning to live in the possibilities now.

As we move out of the 10 years of purging time during 2012-2032 – considered humanity’s greatest evolutionary leap & awakening times – and into the next 10 of constructing our new era…

…getting free of the illusions within your own consciousness so you can see & perceive more from what is true & light and make choices from there to create your next life phase –

– that is what we’re up to now.

Please DO take some NEW action on behalf of yourself today to break through this old way of living based on the illusions of the fear based, yet lovingly protective ego-mind.

You could choose to come play & lighten up with me. It’s FUN!

Good stuff is happening here!

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