What does it mean to be WHOLE exactly. It’s a feeling a lifestyle, a vibration but it really can be nebulous making it harder to sustain.  

In the last section of Chapter 2 of The Reasonable Dragons book, Dr. Alison presents a clear way to understand wholeness from a universal perspective. 

The awarenesses in this section are like the last nail of the bridge that is being built for you and co-creatively with you. The bridge to the doorway of your castle in the sky… where the energetics of December 2019 & 2020 are aligning you with walking through that doorway. 

After you listen in to the audio below…

If you feel called to go further now, cross that bridge and open that doorway to your specific castle in the sky now, whether it’s:

*waking up to your beloved each morning,
*being the boss of your dream business that feels good AND makes the money you desire,

*identifying and stepping into your purpose on this planet,

*feeling simply divine in your body,

*traveling the world,

*activating the full spectrum of your personal gifts to help others and support yourself fully and joyfully,

*or whatever dream, desire or feeling you are looking to personally actualize…

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