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You Walk the Talk

“Alison, your caliber of consciousness allows you to grasp these big concepts and effectively break them down to a Western audience in a way they can easily understand & apply them.

You’re really practical with your teachings and examples. You’re not just teaching philosophy like so many others. See, you’re always living and growing in a way that you can then share it with the people who work with you in a real & effective way.”

Gurudev Amrit Desai: 1 of the main yoga teachers to bring Yoga to the States in the 60’s; founder of 1st Holistic Health & Yoga Center in the USA, Kripalu Yoga Center; Yoga Nidra; Amrit Yoga

Your Work Has Great Impact

“You have a very rich perspective and understanding of how to approach life and living, which is very different than how people approach life in America, and greatly impacts mental, emotional and spiritual health.”

Dr./Rev. Michael Beckwith, New Thought minister, author, co-founder of the Association for Global New Thought; appeared on both Oprah & one of the featured teachers in the movie classic, The Secret.

You Understand How to Create With Your Consciousness

“The new science of epigenetics where the mind is responsible for reading the DNA is an empowerment biology because you can change your mind. And, you can control your biology. So, you are not a victim of your genes. You are a master of your genes. And that’s what you help people get to, Alison, and why the good work you do is so important. You understand how the subconscious gets in the way.”

Dr. Bruce Lipton –  Author of bestsellers The Biology of Belief; The Honeymoon Effect; pioneer in stem cell research & epigenetics

You Help People Uncover the Sacred

“The sacred is within us. It is not outside of us. It is within us. It’s who we really are. It’s not something else. But it’s all covered by our stuff. By the cultural stuff. So all we have to do is uncover it. And that’s what things like chanting do, and the work that you do, Alison. You help people uncover the sacred in a different way.”

Krishna Das, Pioneer of Kirtan in the West; has had Sting chant with him on his album; a devotee of the North Indian Saint, Neem Karoli Baba (Maharajji),

“Everything is Lighter & Easier”

You say you want your situation to be different NOW! But does that limiting part of you allow it?

My mission is to be the disruptor, to get you out of where you’re still blocked from having what you desire.


– Robin Sloan
Long term customer, follower & now in our Activate Your Magic program

What if EVERYTHING you ever WANTed is accessible to you, without the struggle?

Do you feel like you’ve been peeling the layers of the onion on the same issue for years and years, no matter which coach, guru or thought leader you learn from, you’re still faced with the same physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual issue?  And then if you could just resolve this thing that feels like a core block that keeps resurfacing, the flow in all areas of your life would improve?  Your money flows, your love flows, your relationships, your success, your body…?

I get it.

There are too many one-hit wonders and quick-fix schemes out there, making you feel like you’re the reason that you’re not able to activate permanent healing

and transformation in your body, your spiritual journey, your relationship, and your level of manifestation and money flow that is part of your birthright.

It’s NOT your fault!

Here’s the Truth

Most leaders and teachers are coming from a one-way paradigm, giving you information and knowledge that simply activates your mind. The focus on the intellectual coaching doesn’t allow you to feel a difference that is lasting.

You need to have the experiential feeling that change is possible. The work that I do cuts the pattern that my clients are running—such as depression, illness, financial stress or relationship turmoil. This way you’re now detached from those patterns, and free to choose new actions—and that equals your new life.

In my opinion, everything else out there that focuses on the mind and coaching from one personality to another is a waste of time!

This is because it’s not getting into the cellular memory, past lives, and other trapped unconsciousness that is blocking a new way.

Bottom line is, the trapped unconsciousness is what has kept you like a hamster on a wheel looping again and again back to those core blocks in new ways, but repeating that unwanted behavior. Yes, I get fired up about this, because I know the power of the mind-body connection!


“This was my first time on the free call and it was wonderful. I would have told Patina or whatever that woman’s name from the South, that she would not be disappointed if she joined any of your courses. It’s like doing the work on yourself for years, even decades and you just don’t make any headway. That is when it just all came down for me as having blockages in my chakras. Then it took me time going through many other courses, recordings but nothing did what this course does. like Wammo! LOL I couldn’t get my headset to work, so i just joined on the live broadcast.”

Janet Gattsek

Member of Magic, Manifestation and Money Flow Signature Program

Hi, my name is Dr. Alison J Kay, an energy medicine expert who lived in Asia for 10 years studying subtle energies, known as the “Lightning Bolt” who people come to when they are ready for permanent change. This permanent change is just that, permanent because I can go in and cut that mind-body connection.

Typically, you’re making choices from that limiting unconscious level. But what I do clears these unconscious beliefs so you actually shift, and then the changes are able to penetrate up to the conscious mind – so what manifests on the physical level changes into what you actually desire, instead of manifesting from the blocks which you don’t desire.

And so you’re not left dreaming of your castle in the sky without actually manifesting it down into the 3D physical reality we live in, here on earth! I’m known for making magic real.

The proof is in my clients’ results

Miracles Happen in the Vibrational UPgrade Tribe!

+ enjoy the possibilities when you read the stories I’ve shared below:

This is a typical result of what people are getting to within my signature program Magic, Manifestation and Money Flow. These are by no means extraordinary results!

Listen in to hear how you can be manifesting what you desire as if by magic, while remaining light & free as a child, but as successful as possible. So you're not going at it alone, and have more ease and support with manifesting your next steps, free of having to figure it all out! This client did in Magic, Manifestation and Money Flow. And you can too!


“I’ve been working on a novel in my spare time for the past seven years. The process has been long and fraught with self-doubt. This is something that I hadn’t set out to do in my major life goals but, just organically happened along the way with some whispering from my intuition. To say I have been plodding through it would be accurate, however, after finding Dr. Alison J Kay, I can now finally say, I have completed my first draft of my book. Her way of working with energy was the force that easily pushed me over the hill to completion. It felt effortless to accomplish what had been a Herculean task.

Margot Saito Vancouver, BC

Vibrational UPgrade Mastermind Member

From Depressed Divorcee with no direction, to finding love again and a new, fulfilling career path.

NANCY went from newly divorced, directionless, cut off from friends and totally depressed to discovering her dream job in both money & fulfillment of helping others and digging what she does, meeting a wonderful man and attracting more friends than she ever had before. She’s now radiating joy and allowing herself to receive good things instead of expecting problems. Additionally, Nancy now is able to mindfully Observe negative self-talk and detach as she easily redirects her focus back to feeling good – because she now knows she can also feel good, and that it is, in fact, more normal than to feel bad, from the new energy patterns I opened up in her that are inherently there, and the reconnection to the higher vibrations calibrated to unconditional love & well-being – once cleared of the old traumas, unconscious beliefs & programming that had been running her system – and had her creating her life as if she had no control over what showed up.

From Blocking Her Success & Wealth to Becoming An Owner of a Multi-Million Dollar Castle

JENNY came to me feeling unsupported by her family; she had chronic lower back pain and shoulder tightness; and even though wealthy, still had money worries around business deals not going through. She would always encounter her biz deals being delayed or unsuccessful, as well as her staff taking money from her, and her wealthy family not sharing the wealth. Once we cleared the unconsciousness within her mind-body connection, she was able to feel worthy of receiving, open up and allow herself to receive support, create and receive the benefits – more than just money, i.e., ease, supportive & better opportunities, freer colleagues – from major business deals that usually would have been met with a lot of delays and difficulties, but instead went through smoothly as Jenny had also been opened & activated to listen to her intuition increasingly, to make the changes in a timely way so all would go smoothly, free of self-doubt, sabotage and procrastination from having expected the worst or a problem or delays etc.


“I cannot thank you enough for your work. In 2 weeks, so much has shifted and all of a sudden victim mentality came up without any reason. When I questioned myself, I realised that was releasing today. I am a Reiki Master and have been working with the energies for a long time. How this has cleared in a very short time I am so so grateful and looking forward to witnessing more.”

Kirija Thavapalan | Sydney, Australia

Member of Magic, Manifestation and Money Flow Signature Program


“Working with Dr. Alison for the past three months has made an enormous healing possible for me. Between her healing products, special clearings and intuitively guided coaching recommendations, I have experienced a dramatic reduction in PTSD symptoms such as hyper-vigilance, sleepless-ness, poor digestion and general distrust. Dr. Alison’s skill as an energy healer –combined with her joyful and uplifting demeanor and extensive knowledge, means there really hasn’t been anything coming up in my process that she can’t handle. I feel so much better each day and am getting my life back and am moving forward.

What I didn’t know about, when I signed up for Magic Manifestation, & Money Flow and her Vibrational UPgrade Mastermind, is Dr. Alison’s wide practical knowledge of spiritual principles, and how all of this can be brought to bear on my daily life. When she says that abundance is an easy one to solve, she isn’t kidding. I have personally experienced a rebirth of sorts in my personal and professional lives as a result of being in the program. I am starting to live the life of my dreams as a spiritual reader, inspired social enterprise entrepreneur, and meditation teacher. All things that I had longed to do but never before had the wherewithal or know-how, or energy to bring it all together.

I am a long-time spiritual student as well as a long-time successful business person, and from both of these perspectives I have nothing but high recommendation to anyone who wants more in their life on any level. I have studied with high lamas, siddha masters, and spent time with millionaires on their estates and in temples across Asia. From my four decades of close-up exposure to such business and spiritual leaders I can speak to the authenticity of Dr. Alison’s energy skills and spiritual motivation. Time and again I have seen her climb the spiritual heights and turn around to shower the blessings she finds there on everyone she touches in her programs. She has a very pure lineage, and an extraordinary discipline and motivation to help the world at this awakening time. And when we work with her she succeeds in making it possible for us to touch our own highest and best life, and also, to put the grounding in place to make our progress last and last. She is really one in a million, the real deal. She is super practical, and skilled at explaining all of this due to years of teaching – but don’t let all that fool yah – she is also a real magician. And an amazing being”

Helen Faith Drummond | East Anglia, England

3M Alumni, Masterminder

From Lackluster Sales to Breaking Sales Records!

JIM a wine salesman in his 60’s went from having a struggling business into a business where sales started to happen almost on autopilot. His team members picked up on this new energy and all their sales began to increase too. We cleared and transformed his unconscious and conscious beliefs locked into the potentially dominant focus on the old & outdated LACK paradigm, and activated his connection to the ABUNDANCE paradigm so he is now aligned with Source, and from there money flows. Seriously, yes! This was during a group program, where everyone else also reconnected & had their own money breakthroughs. This is in fact one of the easy ones for me to do.

From Attracting Controlling Women to Attracting More Ideal Women

KEITH was raised by all women and was made to feel ashamed about his manhood and desires. This led to attracting controlling women just like his mother. Now today, after working with me, he is allowing himself to be open & receptive to a new type of woman, and yes even attract more of his ideal women, forge a new career based on his interests and abilities and realize self-love by being connected to Source. His kids say, “Dad, now you’re so happy these days!” He says, “Alison you’re a master at your craft!”

From Stressed & Anxious in her Medical Practice to Ease & Flow and More Prosperity

ALISA went from owning and working within her busy medical practice, recently divorced with 4 kids, and worried about supporting her kids, her future and still make her business thrive to now stepping into alignment with faith and trust. She’s now making choices that feel free instead of being burdened with worries, and doubts about what she thinks is possible actually being able to be created, because she can feel the lightness of hope in an embodied way now, rather than a talking, nattering, worried monkey mind perched atop a neck & body. So she’s also been able to choose more of what she’s actually interested in, as well as engaging in more self-care, so that she can re-create medical practice in a way that nurtures both her patients and her, while delivering her genius in a way that is more functional and effective for all.

From Abusive Relationship & Adrenal Burnout to Restored Zest for Life & Self-Love

ANNA and I met on an Ageless Beauty & Yoga Wellness cruise to Cozumel that I was a teacher on. She came to all of my workshops & classes, as I began to clear her field and she felt the shifts immediately, she followed up with coming on an Open the Drawbridge call and joined the 3M program. Anna was desiring and needing to shift out of the trauma she’d suffered from the abusive ex-spouse for years. Her system had gotten really pounded by being told she was bad, wrong, not good enough and other awful meanness. Through the work and energetic support I did with her she was able to move into fully embracing her highly intuitive musculature, and fully being the powerhouse she is, in her own right. She is now ready to move forward, beyond the healing and into what she’s here to be and do. She was suffering from money fears as well as adrenal burn out, generalized fatigue and desiring for her Self to be restored. Now she is able to move forward happy, abundant and on purpose, full of passion with access to all the energy she needed to do it.


Dr. Alison is just pure magic! I still don’t recollect how I found her during my darkest times though! Everything in my life was falling apart, financial, marriage, profession, and health. I was alone and scared with no family or friends to stand by me. Within 2-months of joining the program, I made the biggest change to separate from my now EX after 18 yrs of soul-crushing marriage. The divorce process was unbelievably smooth and the fastest anybody can go through in an abusive relationship(1 month). When the assets were divided, I was told by the lawyers that it would be at least a year before I would see the money and then it was yet another pleasant surprise… 6-weeks post-divorce, EVERYTHING was sorted out. Big Pharma could not convince me that I needed medications for my autoimmune disease that I was struggling with for 4-years. I knew I could beat this too, and I did! Today, I look back and every day I am in awe as to who I have become in such a short period of time! If you have found Dr. Alison, don’t let go of her… Because, she will stand by you thick or thin and take you to a place that you would have never imagined could exist! She managed to crack me open. That is not an easy job by any means! Always grateful for the little wonders of life!

Smitha Gautam, London, England, GB

Vibrational UPgrade Mastermind Member

Are You Ready to Receive EVERYTHING?

What I’ve seen is that only the people who are REALLY READY to finally get out of their own way find me. This mission – Vibrational UPgrade System™ – is my political action.

However, there is one caveat…. I have dedicated my life to working with people who are SERIOUS about change. The kind of change that I facilitate needs more than a lukewarm commitment, it requires a full-bodied YES! So that you get access to the full intended results.

If you are not ready to make that key commitment on behalf of yourself and your life, then this won’t be a fit for you. If you’re still addicted to the struggle paradigm, then I’m not the right mentor for you.

What I do works and if you’re demanding change, then my work IS a fit because it IS able to catalyze the shifts and changes – and the up-liftment that so many people are in need for in these most intense and auspicious times!

So make sure you are READY to actually manifest what you have been desiring because when working with me, shifts happen!


I’d like to invite you to schedule a Complimentary Open the Drawbridge Call with one of our lead team members so you can bring down your “castle in the sky” to your physical life’s existence now.

Change begins here

*PLEASE NOTE: In order to maximize your call time, we ask that you answer a few questions about your current experience & listen in to some free gifts before your call time. Please make sure to fill out the form on the next page in its entirety, once you submit the form you will be taken to a new page to get scheduled.


Dr. Alison’s crystal clear understanding about the changes happening on our planet and to our population resonated with me instantly when I first heard her speak. I came to her in a state of health crisis and the possibility of an invasive and life-altering surgery loomed over my head. I was devastated and she was my last resort.

With one session, Dr. Alison cleared my chakras, and used energy medicine to support the healing of my sinus tissue. The following week when I returned to my doctor, the persistent infection I had been battling for months finally showed improvement preventing me from needing the surgery to remove diseased tissue. After the session with Dr. Alison, I immediately felt like things had changed within me somehow, and have had miraculous opportunities open up for me in a range of other areas. It’s amazing how our health is connected to so many aspects of our being, and Dr. Alison was able to heal not only my immediate physical problem, but potentially other “soul” problems as well.

I can’t wait to watch things continue to unfold. I am totally blown away and wished I had come to her sooner!”

Lindsay Ganahl, Denver, CO

Magic, Manifestation & Money Flows Member


“This Magic, Manifestation & Money Flow program is really working. I’m so lit up, and feeling so much more in my center, feeling my worth, making decisions and connecting to others. I am feeling empowered and waking up each morning in total gratitude mentally saying, ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you.’ I’m feeling much safer with crazy good stuff going on – 2 new revenue streams, with one of them robustly growing! All is in a positive position for money to flow right into my bank accounts and hands. Abundance is my new middle name!

Teresa Durga, Long Island, NY

Magic, Manifestation & Money Flows Member


Dr. Alison J.Kay’s highly developed skills of energy work have already in a 4 week period of working with her, changed deep negative layers of myself into uplifted perspectives from which I have begun to implement more grounded and self trusting steps and decisions. She is a powerful mentor and creator that arrived in my life exactly in the right time. I cannot imagine not ever working with her now and in the future. Thank You Alison J.Kay xx”

Siobhan O'Malley, Limerick, Ireland

Magic, Manifestation & Money Flows Member

In this free Open the Drawbridge call we will:

Discuss your most burning challenge where you perceive you are stuck or your most burning desires for creating your new ideal kingdom starting now so we can activate you for receiving, choosing and creating!

We’ll uncover some of the core unconsciousness behind your blocked patterns and what is needed to help get you able to choose, create and receive your biggest dreams now!

And, if it seems like a fit, we will invite you to work with Dr. Alison in one of her programs.

This Transformational Work Is For You IF:

You’re at point in your life where you know you have to make a change and you’re not willing to go on any longer sitting in your suffering or stifling yourself and all that your magical Being is here to create, be and enjoy!

You’re coachable, ready and willing to invest time and resources into your beautiful and supportive transformation.

You know more is possible for you in this lifetime and you recognize the magical times we are living in and you want that magic in your life.

You are really choosing to be supported to actualize the life you desire, rather than just see yourself paying lip service to your dreams. It’s what we’re up to day in and day out here at Vibrational UPgrade™️!

You’ve just noticed the emphasis on manifesting your most ideal, cherished life with more ease than your mind could construe is possible, rather than a focus on your perceived problems, struggles and suffering!

This Transformational Work Is Not For You IF:

You’re not ready for a high level of support and the commitment required.

You’re committed to being a victim instead of the creator of your life, and think that one call or one person is going to solve all your problems for you.
You’re not ready to invest into yourself or own your own power, and wouldn’t even consider committing to a program of transformation.
You’re ONLY looking for FREE support, clearings, activations and/or an intuitive holistic readings, & have not realized the limitations of only supporting yourself with FREE stuff.

You have scheduled or completed an Open the Drawbridge call in the last 90-days already.

If you know this opportunity is calling to you now, click the link below


“Since I have been working with Alison in her Magic, Manifestation & Money Flow Group, I initially came to Alison to help me in the creation of my life coaching and reflexology business. I am a totally blind business entrepreneur struggling with many money obstacles. In the third week of working with Alison, I received a $10,000 grant to help my business start-up. Amazing!! My thought process of money has changed within this program. I no longer obsess about where my money is coming from and why I never have enough of it. The greatest shift is when Alison began to clear the generational energies and traumas around money… this is when I felt the burdened weight lifted off my shoulders. There is so much more that Alison is addressing other than money in this program. She really looks at you from a holistic make-over. Alison has a gift for healing and such a love for those she works within shifting energy. The honor was all mine in working with her. With Alison’s guidance and energy work, it became clear to me that there is a bigger world outside the blindness community that I can tap into and not feel guilty for it. I am so much more than just a blind person stuck in a blind world. Wow, what a new lease on life Alison gave me!

Teresa Durga, Long Island, NY

Magic, Manifestation & Money Flows Member


“Lots of energy released on last night call, thanks Alison! Updates on my job interview: the company was very happy with the interview, they are just trying to decide whether I’ll be on the Spanish or Portuguese team – and they will call me for another interview. I know this belongs to me and manifested this way – mine, for me. So many magical manifestations since working with you! I am very happy and grateful for my life overall now, and the teachings of Alison. In fact, another recruiter called me, about another interested company with a good position for me; we are also waiting on an answer as well for an interview there! Last but not least, I have been in a case with a lawyer for a fall I had on the hospital on March 2012 and finally, I had a mediation scheduled for Tuesday and it went my way! xoxo”

Mitchelle Lasso, Clearwater, FL

Magic, Manifestation & Money Flows Member


“When I joined I had just re-launched my business after dissolving a very tumultuous business relationship and did a painful but necessary downsizing move out of NYC with my daughter. I was already seeing my old patterns potentially sneaking in and my mind was reeling with thoughts of how it will all just fall apart. The Magic, Money & Manifestation program provided the guidance to step off the hamster wheel and disconnect the looping thoughts of failure. And it was just the beginning! Just in saying YES and deciding to be within Dr. Alison’s powerful energetic container, I began clearing out and getting centered. It’s the most organic, gentle, yet powerful way to come back to the truth of you and live in your power. I have worked with other people in the industry and no one has the integrity and clean but powerfully supportive energetic work as Alison does.

The Magic, Money & Manifestation program allowed me to increase my monthly recurring income to $5000 which was an increase of about 75%! Let me tell you, the magic of this program shifts you at the core and with that allows for a transformation in the relationships around you. My relationship with my daughter and my family have grown deeper and all while staying in the truth of my experience, feelings and perspective. I now live back in NYC, in the most lovely home on the water with everything I could ever want – because I live in all the possibilities of it all. PLUS my daughter got into the BEST public charter school in the borough, which we were told was IMPOSSIBLE; we simply walked in and she got in with such ease, all because of the increased ability to command and create I developed from this program.

The Magic, Money & Manifestation program served me so much, I joined Alison’s Mastermind program. The Vibrational UPgrade Mastermind program has allowed me to go even deeper and clear out the core to the unconscious, limiting patterns that show up as you move further into your journey, increasingly implementing new strategies and behaviors as my life continues to expand. I work with my dream clients, with dream jobs and get to live a life of freedom like I never imagined could really be possible. I even have been able to share my gifts to help Dr, Alison’s business grow!! In this world, it really DOES keep getting better!

Melinda Janicki, Staten Island, NY

Vibrational UPgrade Mastermind Member