Do you ever feel like there’s a
missing piece in your manifestation?

Discover the secret no one else is teaching to go beyond visualizing… and start actually receiving what you want most!

Hello Spiritual Warrior,

You’re here because you’re tried everything else.

You’ve read the books, taken the courses.

From Eastern to Western philosophies, you’ve taken the inward journey and done loads of work to become a conscious creator in your life.

But there is still something more…

You have this deep sense that more flow is possible in your life.

That there is something more out there and this isn’t all there is.

You know you’re meant to be fully alive, co-creating your highest desires and totally on fire!
But how?

Whether you’re seeking:

  • To manifest your soulmate

  • Your dream career

  • A boost in income and impact on your business

  • A healing miracle

  • Launch a new business

Or, all of the above

There is an answer. And Dr. Alison J. Kay has discovered it.

Through years of deep study, working with thousands of clients and publishing award-winning books like What if There’s Nothing Wrong, International best-seller, Vibrational Upgrade, and #1 International best-seller Reasonable Dragons she’s committed her life to bringing miracles to folks who are ready and available for more.

Her nickname is “Hawk-Eyes” because of her power to see what is blocking you (blocks you can’t see yourself). Each block has a family of beliefs that come with it and Dr. Alison is able to release all of these, including karmic elements or trauma, and clear ancestral lineage, thus opening up your entire trajectory.

All possibilities are opened up and you create a life that entirely exceeds your expectations — going beyond what you currently believe is possible.

Where other practitioners typically release only 30% of the blocks, Dr. Alison can destroy the entire foundation that supports the blocks even existing.

The momentum is switched off the path being driven by the blocks and a new path gets blasted wide open.

You’re now on the path that is powered by possibility..there is no switching back and forth, which you’ve experienced working in other programs.

Dr. Alison’s work is a revolutionary proven approach to help you tap into the inherent magic available in the universe and bring it forth into your life now.

This has earned her her second nick-name, “The Lightening Bolt.”

That’s why she created…

I have really appreciated studying with Dr. Alison and have learned so much. 

Thank you so much Dr. Alison for all that you have done for me, and for all those I’ve seen you support from the first day I attended your free call series. 

I could tell your heart and life was (is) dedicated to our spiritual and economic growth. 

I hope I don’t offend by saying that your programs are such a class act. 

So professionally done – and in such a contrast to a lot of ‘spiritual programs’ which are flaky / poorly run.

It’s obvious how much time and care you’ve put into seeing what will most benefit your clients/students and providing that structure.

Veronica Sanford

After training at the Mastermind level for 6 months, after first completing Magic, Manifestation and Money Flow signature program

In this high-level program you’ll be clearing out your old paradigms and creating a new, increasingly receptive vibration. Dr. Alison personally attunes your field to THE field of unlimited possibilities so you can manifest as if by magic–this absolutely includes, involves and effects your money flows.

Never before has there been a place where you find permanent change for the blocks that are standing in your way.

Vibrational Upgrade is a complete system that yields results and real change in daily behavior that other modalities cannot.

Layers of conditioning, karma and trauma contained within the chakras are not addressed in the average understanding of how to work with the chakras and do not address the body and mind at the conscious level.

Vibrational Upgrade combines an understanding of how energy gets locked down into the body and cellular memory and not only “clears” energy but creates activations so that the healing is brought into the conscious mind and into a permanent change of behavior in daily life.

This permanent change of behavior is able to occur because of the reinforcement at the conscious mind level, which retrains the mind and the neurology, so that you change from problem focus to “what else is possible” focus.

It’s reliable, predictable, accurate, as you experience that I can-get-self-out-of-the-way on your behalf. That’s what Vibrational UPgrade System is known for.

And – that’s what keeps folks coming back. Where this is not about me, Dr. Alison or Vibrational UPgrade™, where it’s not about giving advice, nor suggestions. Nor is it projection from my own life experience or “journey.”

Instead, it’s pure, aligned, intuitive information channeled on your behalf, from your Higher Self, that is not yet able to be heard consciously by you, due to the very blocks we’re clearing out.

My big heart will also communicate via my heart’s coherent field, so that you Know you can Trust this intuited information on your behalf. Because I’ve learned & have successfully done so for thousands of people – to remove myself completely out of the picture when doing this, in order to best Serve.

This is about you

So if you…
  • Place a higher value on manifesting your most ideal, cherished life with more ease than your mind could construe is possible…rather than focusing on your perceived problems, struggles and suffering!
  • Are excited for the opportunity where I will hold you accountable to get you across the bridge from where you are to where you desire to be.
  • Are ready for Dr. Alison to hold you accountable to your YES! Even when you’re feeling your resistance and pulled towards your old no, dipping into self-sabotage yet again, so you can actually move beyond the old patterns
  • Are hungry to become increasingly aligning with your highest divine potential and your highest destiny

Then you’re in the right place, step into this magical land!

About Your Experience in this Vibrational Matrix:

This is a three month immersion program that is a clearing house of the old. The “old” could be: traumas, unconscious limiting beliefs, subconscious conclusions, karma, and a host of other influences that cause you to say you want “A” and then end up not choosing what it would require to allow yourself to actually have it.

This is a block.

The first 6 weeks you receive a concentrated round of activations that increase the possibilities and opportunities flowing into your life, as we open up your mind/body/spirit field to magnetize them to you.

You’ll have the opportunity to receive your own one-on-one facilitation & coaching within the group calls directly with me. It will be interactive and as I am guided, the content will be steered based on what will contribute to you and the group’s particular needs and desires.


“Working with Dr. Alison for the past three months has made an enormous healing possible for me. Between her healing products, special clearings and intuitively guided coaching recommendations, I have experienced a dramatic reduction in PTSD symptoms such as hyper-vigilance, sleepless-ness, poor digestion and general distrust. Dr. Alison’s skill as an energy healer –combined with her joyful and uplifting demeanor and extensive knowledge, means there really hasn’t been anything coming up in my process that she can’t handle. I feel so much better each day and am getting my life back and am moving forward.

What I didn’t know about, when I signed up for Magic Manifestation, & Money Flow and her Vibrational UPgrade Mastermind, is Dr. Alison’s wide practical knowledge of spiritual principles, and how all of this can be brought to bear on my daily life. When she says that abundance is an easy one to solve, she isn’t kidding. I have personally experienced a rebirth of sorts in my personal and professional lives as a result of being in the program. I am starting to live the life of my dreams as a spiritual reader, inspired social enterprise entrepreneur, and meditation teacher. All things that I had longed to do but never before had the wherewithal or know-how, or energy to bring it all together.

I am a long-time spiritual student as well as a long-time successful business person, and from both of these perspectives I have nothing but high recommendation to anyone who wants more in their life on any level. I have studied with high lamas, siddha masters, and spent time with millionaires on their estates and in temples across Asia. From my four decades of close-up exposure to such business and spiritual leaders I can speak to the authenticity of Dr. Alison’s energy skills and spiritual motivation. Time and again I have seen her climb the spiritual heights and turn around to shower the blessings she finds there on everyone she touches in her programs. She has a very pure lineage, and an extraordinary discipline and motivation to help the world at this awakening time. And when we work with her she succeeds in making it possible for us to touch our own highest and best life, and also, to put the grounding in place to make our progress last and last. She is really one in a million, the real deal. She is super practical, and skilled at explaining all of this due to years of teaching – but don’t let all that fool yah – she is also a real magician. And an amazing being”

Helen Faith Drummond | East Anglia, England

3M Alumni, Masterminder

Change begins here
Graduates of the 3M program have come to call Dr. Alison a protective mama bear over her people, as well as known to give much welcomed “magical ass kickings.”

These magical ass kickings will keep you accountable in your daily life where you used to waver and self-sabotage. This will ALL be cleared so that you can take advantage of the new possibilities coming into your life AS they come in–because they WILL!

And while there is a powerful step-by-step, energy-based curriculum in place, this is no cookie-cutter program.

On the contrary, YOU and your own unique Being are going to be driving what gets addressed – and cleared and actualized (our students create new jobs, new businesses, new pregnancies, new partners and magically abundant bank accounts).

This is important because Dr. Alison will also be addressing where you’re limiting yourself or struggling because of something that’s up in the collective, that you’ve unconsciously connected with and absorbed, so you’re receiving a protective warm coat around you so that you can go through this spiritual growth with as little disturbance as possible.

You will notice you will have both synchronicities and a-ha’s occur – where events line up, seemingly as if by coincidence, and awarenesses arise that cause you to be… all of a sudden having the exact right circumstances and guidance that align for all your desires.

You will be given blessings, attunements, activations and clearings all around releasing more within you to step forward, that helps you see with more clarity what you’re here to be and do at this point in your life.

You’ll begin to feel refreshed and revitalized as the steps become more and more clear.

You will be surrounded and cushioned in a 24/7 vibrational matrix of frequencies such as Abundance for all, Prosperity, Fulfillment, Meaning, and this Charmed Essence, where everything seems a lot more awake and aliveas well as you.

As you open, align and attune, more money comes in, your magical capacities to manifest–including increased money– flows and flows IN, in a more magical way!

Grace, Beauty, and Ease, Baby…

There’s a natural elegance to this all, when Aligned & Allowing that is well beyond what a human mind could even construe, or create.

So let’s get that part of you out of the way and then more integrated with the part of you who Knows this natural grace, beauty and ease when Aligned with this natural elegance.

Are you in?

Change begins here

What Graduates are saying about Magic, Manifestation & Money Flow: 

This is a typical result of what people are getting to within my signature program Magic, Manifestation and Money Flow. These are by no means extraordinary results!

Listen in to hear how you can be manifesting what you desire as if by magic, while remaining light & free as a child, but as successful as possible. So you're not going at it alone, and have more ease and support with manifesting your next steps, free of having to figure it all out! This client did in Magic, Manifestation and Money Flow. And you can too!

“I received 2 raises! I got refund checks in the mail.  I let go of anxiety. I learned to trust”

“Before I started working with Dr. Alison my life was pretty typical of most – mom, wife, full time job, pretty stressed out. I was always the one everyone came to, because I would “fix” things. I would wake up in the middle of the night with a million possible scenarios and solutions running through my head, I would have arguments (that I always won) in my head while taking a shower over something that was someone else’s. I was afraid if I didn’t control the situation that it would not have a positive outcome.

I finally just made the decision one day that I didn’t want to do all this anymore. It was simply too much and I wasn’t practicing self care. Working with Dr. Alison gave me the tools to start letting go of control. Letting go of anxiety. Letting go of anger. Letting go of feeling like I always had to fix everything for everyone.

One day I didn’t have the same reaction to a situation. I wasn’t triggered anymore. It simply didn’t affect me the way it had in my past. And it was awesome! It was like emerging from a fog.

I learned to speak up for myself and let others know when I had enough, or if I felt it wasn’t my responsibility. And I got their respect for that. I learned to not be afraid to speak up for myself.

The manifestation began shortly after that. It wasn’t always tangible things but I became more aware, more mindful of the things around me. I received two raises. I got refund checks in the mail. I didn’t feel the need to buy so much “stuff”. I found coins in random places. I found cash that I had tucked in various places in my purse.

I decided to take a leap of faith and get my house fixed up and ready to put on the market so I could move my family to another state. It turned out beautifully and is filled with love and peace because of the things I learned with Dr. Alison. I was mindful of the energy we were imparting while doing the remodel, and of the love we wanted the house to emanate so it could embrace it’s new owners. We accomplished that!

Most of all I have learned to trust. I trust that things will work out positively. I have learned to trust that if it doesn’t feel right it probably isn’t. I don’t shush my inner voice anymore. I trust that my journey with Dr. Alison was meant to be and I know it has forever changed my life for the better.”

-Jenn Flaningam, Ventura California

“From 6 years of struggling to get pregnant, to healthy, happy baby”

“When I first discovered Dr. Alison, I was beyond frustrated, stuck, confused and dealing with grief. Over 6+ years I’d struggled to get pregnant and suffered four unexplained miscarriages. I’d turned to both Western and Eastern medicine for help and answers but neither were able to identify or resolve whatever energetics were contributing to the recurrent losses.

Within 3 WEEKS of joining the Magic, Manifestation and Money Flow program, I found myself pregnant again after a year-long hiatus. I’ll be honest, I was still nervous and a bit skeptical, to be sure, but thrilled and grateful all the same. The real test was making it through the first trimester (something I’d never done before). I’m now halfway through my pregnancy and this baby girl is healthy and vibrant and thriving…and I am too! I’m 100% convinced that Dr. Alison’s Chakra Clearing MP3s and her energetic support in the Magic, Manifestation and Money Flow program have made all the difference. It’s like a weight has been lifted off – not just my shoulders but my soul. I am free. I finally feel confident in saying that I get to be a mom. Thank you forever, Dr. Alison! Or should I say honorary God Mama? “

-Kristina Fortune

Here’s what you get:

  • 12 weeks of weekly modules that include video activations & clearings
  • Bi-weekly group calls with me, averaging 90 min.
  • The complete Chakra attunement audio series, my signature product, used by thousands to successfully shift out of old blocks
  • Supportive additional modules that enhance the more advanced concepts for increased self-mastery & manifesting power ($12k worth of curriculum creation!)
  • Ability to interact w/me, ask questions, gain clarity on current shift you’re undergoing, gain support with that shift throughout the program in private Facebook group
  • Being contained in a vibrational matrix that surrounds, infuses & uplifts your life with the vibrations of success, prosperity, abundance for all/more than enough, alignment with passion & purpose frequencies
  • While you’ll be given supplemental audios for increased intellectual understanding behind the activations provided in the weekly modules’ videos, these are optional, as the focus in this program is vibrational
  • Host of 13 free gifts – each an hour long of clearing & activations for abundance & stepping up & out, being “on purpose,” and successful self-expression
  • All calls replays, which you can use to continue to quicken & deepen your shifts from my working both specifically on you during calls, as well as the ones that really hit you when I’m facilitating others

This is for you IF:

  • You know you have to make a change and you’re not willing to go on any longer sitting in your suffering or stifling yourself and all that your magical Being is here to create, be and enjoy!
  • You’re coachable and willing to invest time and resources into your transformation.
  • You know more is possible for you in this lifetime and you recognize the magical times we are living in and you want that magic in your life.
  • You are really choosing to be supported to actualize the life you desire, rather than just see yourself paying lip service to your dreams, (It’s what we’re up to day in and day out here at Vibrational UPgrade™️!)
  • You’re ready for a hearty investment in you by both me & you, not just a transaction

This is NOT for you IF:

  • You’re not ready for a high level of support and the commitment required.
  • You’re committed to being a victim instead of the creator of your life, and think that one call or one person is going to solve all your problems for you.
  • You’re not ready to invest in yourself or own your own power, and allow for flow in your life.
  • If you’re still addicted to the struggle paradigm (then I’m not the right mentor for you!)
Are you ready?
Change begins here

“I have literally become a new person: A new purpose, a 10K grant, a new business and even reset my sleep cycle!”

“Since I have been working with Alison in her Magic, Manifestation & Money Flow Program I literally have become a new person. There has been such an opening in my chakras that I can feel the energy thrumming through my legs at night. That invisible weight I have been carrying on my shoulders for most of my life has been lifted and I have begun to feel a sense of freedom.

I initially came to Alison to help me in the creation of my life coaching and reflexology business. I am a totally blind business entrepreneur struggling with many money obstacles. My thought process of money has changed within this program.

I no longer obsess about where my money is coming from and why I never have enough of it. The greatest shift is when Alison began to clear the generational energies and traumas around money… this is when I felt the burdened weight lifted off my shoulders.

I am very analytical and generally come from my head instead of my heart. This was confirmed in all my work with Alison. I am learning to trust my intuition and I challenge you all to do the same. I challenge you to make that call with Alison and explore what the universe is holding for you.

There is so much more that Alison is addressing other than money in this program. She really looks at you from a holistic makeover.

Since I have had both of my eyes removed my sleep cycle if not functioning. Alison worked on my pineal gland during my time in this program on the live calls and was able to reset my sleep cycle.

I have always struggled with my weight. During my time in this program, she saw that I was carrying this extra weight as a self-preservation. She was able to clear some of the past traumas I was holding in my digestion area. Half-way through this session, I could no longer just lie down, I had to get up because I felt so much energy clear down to my toes! Alison has a gift for healing and such a love for those she works within shifting energy. The honor was all mine in working with her.”

-Teresa Gregg

Change begins here

About your work with Dr. Alison J. Kay:

Dr. Alison brings her 20+ years in energy medicine, her intuitive life coaching PhD training and her experience w/thousands of clients around the world to help you remove unconscious and subconscious blocks that are causing you things like…feeling unclear about your next steps, like you can’t achieve your big goal and true purpose, and self-sabotage through procrastination (just to name a few).

Through ancient secrets and cutting-edge scientific-based tools she’s going to teach you how to create your prosperity from your most inherent passions, interests and talents as the unique, magical Being you BE.

Through these tools and energy transmissions in the form of instructional delivery, you’ll learn to make your mind & your consciousness work in your favor as you go about gaining ever increasing clarity with your passion & prosperity.

It’s as if you were indeed in a cave in the mountains or an ashram – as this work was once done – while also being given the awareness of how you and your system take on what is not yours.

You’re not meant for struggle… let’s get started.


Dr. Alison J. Kay is an internationally recognized Award Winning Energy Healer who refused to settle for less than she wanted in her life. Unhappy with the return she was receiving from her efforts, Dr. Alison took a leap of faith, departed from the stable, predictably, less-than-full-thriving-and-happy life she had built for herself, and moved to Asia to teach English Literature and Psychology within the International School System.

Dr. Alison chose Asia as the location for her new life because she saw how it’s the seat of where ancient wisdom is still running the modern understanding of how energy and energy healing works. While there, she encountered new modalities of working with subtle energy for supreme well-being, thriving and healing, thus continuing her long love affair with learning holistic healing methods in addition to her decades long meditation and yoga practice. After several years of having used energy medicine in working with clients in her side wellness business alongside her classroom teaching, both first in the States and then while living as an ex-pat in Asia, increasingly, Dr. Alison had identified (as she

explored in her award winning first book, What If There’s Nothing Wrong?, written in her last year of the decade spent in Asia), the deep need for holistic healing treatments and lifestyle approaches that solved the Western need for achievement and happiness.

She combined her extensive knowledge, training, and experience of these modalities to create coaching programs, including the Vibrational UPgrade™ System. She has helped thousands of people tap into greater meaning, success and happiness in their lives using the methods she teaches, and has found success and happiness in her own life.

Dr. Alison is highly educated in multiple alternative medicines, nutrition, and more. She is an Award Winning, #1 International Best Selling Author in addition to being a Master Mind-Body Energy Medicine practitioner for more than twenty years. Dr. Alison is considered one of the leading experts on using the chakra system as the road map for thriving in mind body and spirit, while applied in a unique way. She has a Doctor of Philosophy as a Holistic Life Coach (Ph.D.) and has been a meditation practitioner & teacher for over 20 years. She is also an India-trained, certified RYT-200 Ashtanga Yoga Teacher and a Chi Gong instructor and energy medicine practitioner for 18 years, amongst many other accomplishments.