This is where you create self-mastery of the manifestation process and learn to turn energy into matter (or de-materialize matter).

This mastery leads to the opportunity to get certified on Dr. Alison’s magical HIGH VIBE retreats to sacred sites, megolithics (ie stone circles, dolmens, stone avenues). Certification in Vibrational UPgrade System™ sets you up to help others and serve the collective, using this potent, proprietary Vibrational UPgrade System™.

Dear Creatrix:

Now that you’re no longer a warrior, and becoming a fierce God or Goddess who can allow the infusion of light instead of blocking your own power…

It’s time to unleash ALL Of your power and live completely and fully in it.

From your work in Magic, Manifestation & Money Flow the majority of density is gone and now you’re ready for me to activate you in your power so much more.

I’ve found that even within myself, learning how to live with my light & power consistenly on the

increase requires for me to progressively shift into increasing allowance for the light to merge with my light. And I can perceive that by doing this, I’ve also increased my allowance for the field of unlimited possibilities to completely blanket my life.

This then feeds into where you make your choices from. That’s what learning how to be in your power and act as a bridge between heaven and earth is all about now.  So I’m leading others to and through more nuanced clearing of where they’re – you’re – still saying no–not out of fear itself but out of fear of the power, the light and having access to it.

I have really appreciated studying with Dr. Alison and have learned so much.

Thank you so much Dr. Alison for all that you have done for me, and for all those I’ve seen you support from the first day I attended your free call series.

I could tell your heart and life was (is) dedicated to our spiritual and economic growth.

I hope I don’t offend by saying that your programs are such a class act.

So professionally done – and in such a contrast to a lot of ‘spiritual programs’ which are flaky / poorly run.

It’s obvious how much time and care you’ve put into seeing what will most benefit your clients/students and providing that structure.

Veronica Sanford

After training at the Mastermind level for 6 months, after first completing Magic, Manifestation and Money Flow signature program

It’s awesome power and people typically shrink back from it–especially when its personalized into the small ego minded power…where your mind tells you, “This is about me.”

When it is not…in fact doing this work at this level with me helps to clear out  – even acts as THE final clearing house if you work with me long enough – for that small me, ego mind identity level of a person to where you can really live the meaning of the word yoga, to yolk with the Divine…where your will…your small me will…i.e., “I want pizza now,” when your body really desires a piece of fresh fish or clean eggs, is no longer really present as much. Instead, what replaces it is a mind that’s on board with enough awakened consciousness circulating throughout your system and less self-sabotaging, lower vibratory “back of the house” unconscious and subconscious blockages, that then you’re fully aligned with what’s in your highest and best and what’s in the planet’s and humanity’s. That can show up, in this example, as “what does my body want now to feed my overall system for it’s highest thriving so I can be all I’m here to be?” to serve the planet. That Service can take place in making healthy, clean food for others all the way to learning how to work with the light and consciousness to help others shift as you have, similar to the work I do within my mission that Vibrational UPgrade System encompasses.

And that naturally coalesces into…okay let me learn the tools, receive the attunements that will structure my system in such a way so that I’m aligned with my power..instead of resisting my power…aligned with my access to power, to the light, instead of resisting it.

There is unlimited potential within each of us…we’ve heard that before..This is actually living it…having their mind body spirit system configured in such a way that the invitation to becoming all they possibly can be is the foundation of each inhale and exhale..they just live from it and emanate that light, that joy and help others in the process just from that emanation. And then they gain the tools to apply this in a directed fashion to serve others, humanity and the planet…during this greatest evolutionary leap for humanity 2012 to 2032….leading into our new golden era.

There is so much becoming available now that isn’t even able yet to be articulated into words but if you’re reading this…you’re likely already sensing it or some part of you knows it and this is all about knowing how to live on the cutting edge of these possibilities and calling them in…learning to create the new from the highest possibilities and learning how to have the grandest field that allows for the highest possibilities to come in and be manifested through you.

But you’re able to allow and call to you the infusion of light and in that is contained the unlimited field of possibilities.

Releasing their power. Density is gone and now they’re elevated. I can activate them in their power so much more.

Practical application of all the tools they gained in Magic, Manifestation and Money Flow, while I”m enhancing their power.

Rip them wide open and nothing left but living in the field of possibilities. What next on behalf of me and the planet.

This program is for Magic, Manifestation and Money Flow graduates & by invite only, apply here: